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I Am Kymberle


Kymberle Joseph an author, playwright, director, mother, daughter, sister and the founder/owner of the Kymberle Project –Performance Space, has always been a theater enthusiast. She has graced the stage in several NYC productions, both off-Broadway and off-off Broadway. As a playwright and producer she has mounted two of her plays “Monette” and “Choices”.


She has also directed several theater productions. Kymberle believes performance allows the performer to rely on their own athleticism, grounding into the genuineness and realism and story. The performers desire to commit and thrive in the story creates freedom for themselves but most importantly for the audience. As they heal the audience, they also heal themselves.


Kymberle has completed a 2-year acting conservatory under the tutelage of James Price, the founding director of the Acting Studio in NYC. She completed New School Creative Arts Therapy program with a focus in Drama Therapy.  She studied at the Susan Batson studios and voice with Mary Workman and Barbara Christopher. 


"I had the experience of a lifetime working with Kymberle Joseph, as she directed a critically acclaimed play I was in called Bell Blu. She's such a kind generous soul, but that is not to be mistaken as weakness. Kymberle is very earnest, direct and has the best intentions when coaching you to be at your highest peak. I learned a lot about myself through our time together as an Actor and it served as a therapeutic endeavor. To anyone who'll be fortunate to be coached or trained by Kym, make sure you always come prepared and ready to work. Her gift is in giving, so in order for you to receive, you must always be open. I recommend her expertise to all performers." -Samuel Muriithi - Actor


"I have worked with Kymberle Joseph in several capacities for the past three years: as an actress in my plays (That Color Blind Kind of Love), a supporter and director of two of my plays, Bell Blu and The Myth. I honestly love to work with Kym. She sees the meaning in my work and challenges herself and her cast to give and leave everything on the stage in bringing the story to life. She is creative, selfless and determined. I trust her implicitly with my work and know that she always has the best interest of not me, but the stories & the characters at heart as a director and actress. I adore her" -Rebekah L. Pierce Author, Playwright & Speaker


"I got the pleasure of sitting in drama therapy classes at the new school with Kymberle and let me tell you this woman is such a powerhouse! love her spirit and the work she does!" -Mikel Moss - Therapeutic Consultant


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